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1836 156th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA


We are a Bellevue Church in the heart of Crossroads.  Overlake Park Presbyterian Church is a community focused on the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Passionate about serving our neighborhood, we seek to live life with laughter and authenticity, in faithful witness to the God who loves us all.


Sermon Series





We all long for community. We all long for the presence of God. We all long to recognize Jesus Christ in our world and in one another. As we live our faith in Jesus Christ, the debris of our world and busyness of our lives can distract us from seeking to explore the Spirit’s mysterious work. Join us in worship this Fall as we explore scripture and read Universal Christ, by Richard Rohr, in book study groups that meet weekly to explore theological questions and the mystery of Jesus Christ’s Spirit in our midst. We will remember church history, study scripture, and explore Rohr’s concepts as a way of deepening our faith in God and call to serve together.

How can you be involved?

· Create a small group to read and discuss each week’s topics together. If you have a regular group you meet with, that may be an easy place to form a group. Or, contact others from OPPC (or not!) in your neighborhood to meet together. Self-select a Group Coordinator and you are ready!

We have a Group Contact Sheet for you to complete once your study group comes together. If you need help finding a book study group, just contact the office and the staff can help facilitate connections.

· On Sunday, September 8th, we will have time following worship to help people form groups and get started! We will also have a few books for sale if you forget to order your copy.

· Pastor Becki and HT will provide a book study outline and each week’s reading can be found online. Each week, in worship, we will touch on the chapter(s) and connecting scripture in worship.

· Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation has a Podcast that you can also use to expand your questions and thinking called Another Name for Everything.

We chose this book because it asks expansive questions and provides tons of space for contemplation. This series is designed to allow us space to ReThink Christ in a way that reforms our faith in Jesus Christ and the work of ministry we are called toward together.


Last year, I picked up a copy of The Universal Christ, by Richard Rohr, and tuned into his Center for Action and Contemplation’s Podcast, Another Name for Everything

My heart exploded and my brain thanked me. It wasn’t because I agreed with everything Rohr taught, but because of the grace and space he offers in his teaching. I was challenged to think critically, pray deeply, and consider how my frame of faith might be ‘growing in knowledge and depth of insight’ as Paul prayed for the Philippian Church. 

I hope you find reThink Christ an exciting and expansive spiritual journey.

~ Pastor Becki

Sermon Series Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 8

Introduction: Why We’re Here

Sunday, Sept. 15

Chapter 1: What’s Christ Got To Do With It?

Sunday, Sept. 22

Chapters 2 & 3: What Do We Have To Do With It?

Sunday, Sept. 29

Chapter 4: Back To The Beginning

Sunday, Oct. 6

Chapters 5 & 6: The Sacredness of Love

Sunday, Oct. 13

Chapters 7, 8, & 9: Where Are We Going?

Sunday, Oct. 20

Chapters 10 & 11: This Is My Body

Sunday, Oct. 27

Chapters 12 & 13: Death and What It All Means

Sunday, Nov. 3

Chapter 14: Christ Is Risen!

Sunday, Nov. 10

Chapter 15: Witness

Sunday, Nov. 17

Chapter 16: Contemplative Minds

Sunday, Nov. 24

Chapter 17: The Importance of Practice