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1836 156th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA


We are a Bellevue Church in the heart of Crossroads.  Overlake Park Presbyterian Church is a community focused on the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Passionate about serving our neighborhood, we seek to live life with laughter and authenticity, in faithful witness to the God who loves us all.


Sermon Series

Ordinary Time .jpg

Summer Sermon Series

July 1 - September 2

Ordinary Time

This season of the church calendar year is called Ordinary Time. Ordinary Time is our reminder that God is doing extraordinary in the daily, mundane rhythm of our life. This summer, we will explore the Lectionary Texts with our lens turned toward how Jesus is with us in the ordinary. 

By digging into the scripture passages each week, alongside other churches following the lectionary text, we will draw ourselves into the many ways God acts, calls, works, and encourages our faith each day. Walk with us this summer as we seek extraordinary truths from God’s Word into our lives of discipleship!


If you’d like to follow the Daily Lectionary, visit for all five scriptures of the daily lectionary!  Use these as a way to begin or end your day for personal study and reflection. 


fall sermon series

september 9 - November 25

rethink the story


We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves! Overlake Park Presbyterian Church will be studying the essential stories of scripture alongside two other churches this Fall. Mercer Island Presbyterian Church and Redmond Presbyterian Church will be following the same scriptures in worship and together we hope to share in the stories of people like Abraham, Hosea, and Moses, as we rethink the essential truths of our lives and the call to serve Jesus Christ together in faith. 

We are studying scripture reminded that our story connects us to other’s stories as we follow the God of the Old and New Testament.

The texts were selected by all of the pastors of these three churches with the hope that they will push us to rethink how we live in faith, steward our lives, and connect to the larger body of Christ on the Eastside.

Join us this Fall as we ReThink the Story of scripture and challenge ourselves to embark on new adventures of faith.