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1836 156th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA


We are a Bellevue Church in the heart of Crossroads.  Overlake Park Presbyterian Church is a community focused on the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Passionate about serving our neighborhood, we seek to live life with laughter and authenticity, in faithful witness to the God who loves us all.


About Us

Overlake Park Presbyterian Church (oppc)

OPPC is a part of the Reformed branch of the Christian Church.  Like other Protestant churches, Reformed theology’s foundation is in Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Old and New Testament.  Grounded in The Apostle’s Creed and the PCUSA’s Book of Confessions, Reformed theology embraces the work of the Holy Spirit in our interpretation, transformation and living out the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  

The living out of our faith follows the practice of the early church.  We are reminded that followers of Jesus Christ were often perplexed and astonished at the teaching of Jesus and challenged to live faithfully in love and truth.  OPPC strives to discover together what it looks like to live with openness to the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we LEARN, WORSHIP, CARE and bear WITNESS to Jesus Christ together.

Mission Statement

“a spiritual home where everyone belongs" 



God of love. God of light. God of truth. You have given us a “home” in one another – a place of belonging where we can grow in our relationships with You – the One who is our true and final home. You cover us with Your Spirit, so that our spiritual journey is guided by Your love and held together by Your grace. 

We belong to God and are drawn together to worship, learn, care, and serve. God, help us to be A Spiritual Home Where Everyone Belongs.

You placed us on this corner to radiate your love and peace to Bellevue – to live out the hope we cling to: that through you we receive the gift of redemption, the joy of salvation, and the hope of resurrection in Jesus Christ.

Help us to serve our neighbors, love our enemies, protect the poor, and practice peace in our world. Help us to be A Spiritual Home Where Everyone Belongs.

God’s mission of redemption is proclaimed through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – forever, for everyone. The invitation for community, authenticity, and kindness is extended to all who seek to be a part of Overlake Park Presbyterian Church. Just as we find home in Jesus Christ, we extend home to all who seek a place here. 

Help us, God, to strengthen our faith, to grow our church, and to extend a spiritual home to everyone we encounter. God, help us to be A Spiritual Home Where Everyone Belongs.

We celebrate all that You have done on this corner, Faithful God, since 1959. We invite Your Spirit to do more through us than we can expect or imagine. Guide us, tend to us, challenge us, and call us forward into Your world according to Your will. Ignite in us a passion to share the Gospel through word and action.  

Help us to be A Spiritual Home Where Everyone Belongs.